About insurance

Our cars are cover in insurance the following items are eligible for compensation.
Costs exceeding the above deductibles and compensation amounts are to be paid by the customer.
Insurance will not cover the abovementioned accidents in the event that the insurance fee stated in the rental agreement is not paid. Additionally, in the absence of a police report, compensation may not be possible.

Compensation Content Compensation Amount Exemptions
Third Party Liability Coverage Each person Unlimited per person
(including mandatory vehicle liability insurance)
Property Damage Liability Coverage Each accident Unlimited JPY 50,000
Rented Vehicle Damage Liability Coverage Each accident Current Value JPY 50,000
Personal Injury Protection Coverage Each person Death JPY 30 million
Permanent disability JPY 30 million

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

When a customer opts for the CDW, they will not be required to pay the vehicle coverage deductible. However, if multiple accidents occur during the same rental, this only applies to the first accident. Please apply at the time of renting. (After rental is handed over, addition or removal of the CDW is not possible.)

Collision Damage Waiver1Collision Damage Waiver2Collision Damage Waiver3

※Please apply at the time of renting. (After rental is handed over, addition or removal of the CDW is not possible.)
※For a rental period of over 15 days to one month, the price is the calculated as if for a 15 day period.
※CDW is not a insurance.
※ Karaoke Rent a Car’s vehicles are covered by CDW,provided seatbelts are worn during operation of the vehicle
※The self-damage of the vehicle is not suitable for CDW.
※The renting person or the drivers registered at the time of rental may be refused when opting for the CDW under the following guidelines. ◇Those who have not held their driver’s license for at least a year ◇Persons under 21 years of age ◇The company judges CDW coverage to be inappropriate based on the customer’s accident history

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

The customer will be subject to the following charge as part of compensation for non-operation of the vehicle while it is being repaired for the business’s operational time lost.
(If a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is purchased, the non-operation charge will still be charged.)