About Karaoke Rent A Car


Our main goal is to provide more pleasant experiences to travelers visiting Hokkaido from all over the world.
To achieve this goal, we always think the best comfortableness, convenience, and excitement for our customers through our car rental service.

Our multilingual staff will pick you up.

1. Our multilingual staff will pick you up.

Our services are available in both Chinere and English. Our staff are always standby to give you friendly and nice services. You will have well-organized lectures about the explanation about the traffic rules, road conditions and instruction of the GPS. also we provide more trip information in Hokkaido in detail.

Car Inner Karaoke system

2. Car Inner Karaoke system

For you to enjoy long-distance trip in Hokkaido, we provided nice Karaoke system in the car.
We garantee you the most memorial and exciting driving trip when you try the Karaoke system with your family or friends.

Rental DVD and Other fun items for making your trip more fun.

3. Rental DVD or Other fun items to have better road trip.

We provide these items, such as baby-sit, child-sit,DVD,rental WIFI etc.
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